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VisionWare Video component
VisionWare Video component
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Animated infographics
Responsive design
Responsive design


VisionWare enable customers to unlock greater strategic and operational business value from their data assets. Their goal is to ensure that end-users within an organisation are no longer held back by missing incomplete or inaccurate information at the point of customer contact and this informs everything they build into their MDM solution. 


Working very closely with the in-house marketing teams on both sides of the Atlantic we have been able to create a clear, customer-focused responsive website with a robust and heavily customised installation of Umbraco CMS. There are two websites running from the one install and domain, one for the UK market and another for the US market, each with a number of user-roles for editing specific types of content. On the frontend users can quickly switch between the US and UK markets to find the products and content that are suited to their needs.

Due to Visionwares global presence and target markets in the UK and US it was important to make sure that websites users were viewing the correct information relating to the country that they were visiting the website from. Using intelligent IP detection and redirect rules, users are directed to the correct regional area of the website. Careful consideration was taken to make sure that all rules implemented on the website did not hinder search engines in properly indexing the website


  • Responsive Web Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Umbraco Integration
  • Bespoke Development
  • IP Detection
  • Multi Regional
  • Custom Forms

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